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jiushin kan

Jiushin Kan Malta | Jujutsu (Jiu-Jitsu) | Martial Arts

The Jiushin Kan (dojo) in Luqa, the quarters of Jiushin Kan Malta, officially opened its doors in May 2000. Dojo means “hall of the way” and generally refers to a martial arts school.

Licensed with all the local permits as a martial arts school, the first in Malta, the dojo is built in traditional Southern European style and to the highest standards.

The building is air-conditioned and is equipped with an air extractor and circulators to ensure adequate fresh air at all times. It is also fire and theft protected. The tatami (training mats) are Olympic standard and comply with the European standards EN12503-3, and the fitted carpets around the tatami are certified against asthma and allergies.

There are changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, a first aid room, a private facility for the instructors and an office upstairs furnished with media instruments and technology.

The dojo is equipped with a variety of training equipment. This includes a custom-built removable fighting wall (MMA cage panel).

As a separate part of the dojo, the Dragon’s Den, Martial Arts and Combat Sports Supplies Centre is able to supply the trainee with all possible training gear and equipment.

On its official opening in May 2000, the dojo was first named Dragon's Den Dojo. In June 2013 in Kyoto, Japan, Tesshin Hamada Hanshi of the DNBK officially named it Jiushin Kan, meaning “hall of the true ideals of yawara (another name for jujutsu)”.

Raymond Bajada, the father of Christian and Roderick, was the mastermind behind the building and starting up of the dojo. Joseph Bajada, their grandfather, was very instrumental in this process.

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